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Student evaluations


"Everything is great, I just wish I had more of it! Also, you have a great sense of humor!"


I love the class and the real world applications of the material.

I love the course!” 


“Good job!! … Best taught module I've done.




It was one of my favorite module of second year ! The lecturer was always smiling, engaging, passionate. I looked forward to go to class every time.




“You do a fantastic job of waiting for questions, and calling people out to answer questions. Classroom engagement is a huge part of how I learn and when my classmates don't talk or participate, I feel less inclined to do so as well.  So, engaging people in a positive way is fantastic.  You find creative ways to interact with students that feels like you genuinely want us to understand the material.  Your kindness and enthusiasm for the course inspire me and motivate me to work hard outside of class to get a grip on the material - a quality that seldom accompanies lecturers. This kindness and your push for collaboration with other students during lectures creates a really positive classroom environment that further encourages us to work hard and that creates a community among the students.”


“good job of introducing the topic and setting of a game”



“Manuela is wonderful and a very interesting lecturer.”


By far the best module I have ever taken, The lecturer managed to portray a complex subject to the most interesting scenarios. The quality of both the lecture material and teaching was world class. Manuela was very open and considerate and made sure all students were up to the date. The coursework allowed for students to focus on something creative while incorporating in the ideas we have learnt. She deserves recognition for this amazing course.”


“Manuela shows great enthusiasm for the topic, which does inspire her students.”


“the content is fantastic.”



lecturer was very enthusiastic and engaging


“you are a great lecturer- very enthusiastic”


“I really like the subject and I liked the enthusiasm of the lecturer”


“Manuela is a really engaging lecturer


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